The revolutionary full flat switch

The revolutionary full flat Switch:
Aesthetically pleasing flat switches are in fact a reality. This revolutionary full flat switch has been made into reality by the unique Impress mechanism. Clear of all unnecessary lines and protrusions, and harmoniously blending with every contemporary décor, Zencelo is created to become the next reigning favorite.

Design – It’s the way forward
A statement of tasteful living, Zencelo is all about style and substance rather than superficial elaboration. You will be impressed with the clear and non-intrusive design, a design marvel by itself. It blends well into any contemporary interior design. Sleek and stylish, it is definitely on class above standing out.

Technology – Turning Imagination into reality
The unique iso-motion-press mechanism ensures that the switch stays in the same position whether on ON or OFF and can be swiftly operated with one simple motion.

Function – User is everything
Form does not sacrifice function. Knowing when the full-flat switch is turned on is not taken for granted.

The “indicator” changes to “marigold” color when turned “on”, and blends into the same color as the dolly when “off”. Meticulously designed to the finest detail, not only for looks but also for practicality.


Zencelo is a perfect solution for any environment, from the residential market to commercial buildings such as hotels, hospitals, offices…